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Jam pear honey

Cooking recipes for the whole family 19.12.2017 at 14:23

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Specially for the sweet tooth I decided to post here here's a wonderful recipe of jam from the pears.

once upon a time I went to Czechoslovakia and there I was treated to tea with jam from pears, made according to the recipe from Trnava. Remember that the jam had an unusual taste and delicious aroma. And the locals, seeing my passion for this jam, gave me a full quart. When we returned to the hotel where they stopped for tea, gathered our entire group and the Bank instantly empty.

I thought it was so delicious that I wrote down the recipe and here it is I recently got.


To prepare this jam from pears we will need 1 kg of pears, 200 g of honey and lemon juice or citric acid.

First, prepare the pears. Will select for jam Mature but not overripe, not soft, but firm pears. They should be carefully washed, peel, cut, and depart the core. Then cut them in small pieces, cubes or slices.

the thus Prepared pears fold in a deep bowl and pour lemon juice. You can prepare acidified with citric acid water: dissolve 1 teaspoon of citric acid in 5 tablespoons of water. Pears in juice need to soak 20-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to heat the honey. This can be done in a water bath, and you can use the microwave. In fact, it is believed that at temperatures above 60 degrees the healing properties of honey disappear. However, the Czech Housewives cook pears in honey that way.

Slowly bring the honey to a boil. Gradually put the pears into the boiling honey and then cook on low heat until thick. When the jam has thickened, should remove the pears with a slotted spoon, transfer to prepared clean, washed and sterilized dry jars. Screw tightly or roll them, turn them upside down and leave until cool.Like this jam stores well for several years, but I think that such a yummy long lie!

enjoy your tea!

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