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"The case should be dismissed because there was no crime" interview 19.12.2017 at 21:00

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Russia's Investigative Committee (SKR) has finished investigation of criminal case of the former Chairman of the Board of Ergobank Vyacheslav Barmin. He was accused of stealing from the Bank before the revocation of the licenses of almost 760 million rubles.

"In the course of interim administration the audit offices of CB "Ergobank" the receipt by the Chairman of the Bank of cash from the cash register of about $ 780 million rubles, while the documents regarding the received funds and their use by management of the LLC CB "Ergobank" the interim administration is not transmitted, which may indicate an attempt to conceal the documentary evidence the withdrawal of Bank assets", — stated in the message of the Central Bank of 20 February 2016.

the met by Vyacheslav BARMINI and found out how, according to his version, the events developed in the Bank before the revocation of the license.

— Vyacheslav Ivanovich, you accuse that you stole the Bank's money. The investigation lasted quite a long time. You during this time do not have any desire to leave the country?

— the question I asked everything. And, I have to say, I was even offered money to ensure that I left the country, then many people would become easier and safer. People left the country, so he indirectly admitted his guilt.

— And you?

— I said, as the money I have no and from the Bank I got some debts, I pay it and leave. But this, of course, a sad joke that has a joke. I did not have such intentions.

— And who offered you this money, seriously?

Parties, one of the participants of the Bank, who was very upset about the whole situation. His name I will not name, the man was nervous and did not evaluate the situation soberly.

— So they want to divert suspicion from himself? Why you received such an offer, what do you think?

— can I assume that if I left, then it would be possible to say definitely that to blame only Barmin and other here at anything.

— When is the court in your case?

— At the moment the investigation was completed and the case sent to the Prosecutor General. The Prosecutor's office should decide what happens with the criminal case any further. Although, in my opinion, in accordance with article 24 of the criminal procedure code, which States that criminal proceedings should be discontinued due to lack of evidence of a crime, I would expect that such a decision, the Prosecutor's office. In this case, as I think, there is no event of the crime. I blame the fact that I got under report the money from the cash register, but they weren't there. And the money, accordingly, neither I nor anyone else from the Bank are not taken. In addition, I was accused on the basis of photocopies of orders (originals available), the signature which is not mine, order is not held in the account, information about them is not transferred to the interim administration and the DIA. Of course, evidence and facts of my innocence much more than I can give in this interview.

— How is it that money — more than 700 million rubles disappeared from the register?

— the money in cash Desk was not. Was a piece of paper, receipt. This order was closed "hole". In fact, it was correct to draw up a statement about shortage, but I was convinced that the act lack any hope for the continuation of the activity of the Bank, is not that all options to salvage the Bank that were, immediately disappear. And with the subset report was the hope that if will go to the investors and will give the money to the Bank, this unreal accountable amount will be closed and will clean the Bank, which will continue to work.

— the Bank also needs to be a camera, you can view the recording and make sure that the money you took.

— Camera is. But since the criminal case was initiated only in January of this year, a year after the revocation of the license, no record has already gone. Video is stored for a month at most. If the interim administration, when it came, would be immediately seized video, all accounts of checkpoint systems, it would be possible to trace where and how the staff moved.

— And the cashier confirms that he has given the money?

— Yes, it is a separate interesting story associated with the cashier by Valeriya Levitskaya. Well, just think for such a huge amount in our little Bank vault even impossible to place it. But "they" decided that if you type the full amount of the maximum cash, then certainly everything will fit. Although banks never keep a maximum bills still need to change money, it's practice, ask any teller or Bank employee, they will confirm. The weight allegedly obtained the sum under report was supposed to be over 200 pounds, plus the truck. And, by the way, this version has a puncture. The cashier of the Bank was in the basement, and the Elevator is not there, and, accordingly, truck stairs I have to carry was just not physically able. The average weight of a truck is 20-25 pounds, and we did not have them in the Bank, not bought and not bought them. And although in my youth I served in the special forces, I don't care, it was impossible to include this one. No one saw me with the money. The money is also nowhere to be manifested: neither accounts nor property, anywhere. I think the cashiers are afraid that if you tell the truth, they both find themselves in the roles of the accused. After all, it is a pure shortage — a lack of money at the box office. I do all this only now realized.

— Why do you need this whole scheme with orders?

— Is to explain how the Bank has formed a "hole" and how it was closed. The "hole" is formed due to the fact that repaid technical credits that were issued prior to my arrival to the Bank, and bad loans. On them allegedly were paid interest. All this has led to a "hole" at the box office, including in three currencies: rubles, us dollars and euros.

— Explain what is meant by "technical credit".

— Is a slang. Means that this is an unreal loan. This loan, which people made out, but didn't actually take. Nonperforming loans the borrower received the amount and certainly was not going to repay it in full. For the Bank non-performance by the borrower of its obligations properly leads to serious financial problems, it is necessary to increase their reserves.

— So, these are assets that just appeared on the balance sheet. Why?

— it was All up to me, and I can't say exactly, I can only guess. The Bank was fond of, the bonds, these assets have occupied 70% of the balance, and in 1998, he just lay down and not flutter. Then the Central Bank so quickly withdrew the license, and Ergobank in the end, all resumed their activities. I think the Bank decided not to write off the problems that were just "Packed" them in the credits. But that's my guess.

— do I understand correctly that the first was false reporting and then it was also?

— Here creates a double situation, it's hard to comment. On the one hand, the statements had not been falsified, and simply closed the "hole" in the checkout.

— So the balance was just "air"?

— First was a real asset, which became problematic during the crisis of 1998, meaning it has lost its value and was replaced by a different asset.

— And for what amount was initially those unrealistic loans that you talked about?

— Approximately 150-170 million rubles.

— why the result is 780 million rubles?

— these loans are needed to represent the activities. So they Bank on a regular basis, "paid" interest itself, and as a result, for four years 150 million became 300 million, then 200 million rubles was paid for a group of troubled borrowers.

— what's the story with these borrowers?

It was a real loans granted to the group of individuals that were formally not connected. They're all paid up until December 2013 reference Bank is not subject to reorganization and they disappeared sources of funding. And that the Bank does not worsen the balance and not to create additional reserves, pay for them with interest, expecting that they, the borrowers, the interest will give. They promised to pay, saying that there are a lot of assets, they have something to sell and cash out. It's been four months and I doubt that the money will be paid. It was necessary to take some action to make the delay to sue them. But all this is superimposed on the policies of the Central Bank, which is continuously tightened regulation and supervision is constantly required to increase capital. Therefore, the Bank is pulling this situation. In September 2014, the idea to sell 50% shares of the Bank in retail and money from the sale to close the "hole". The process was started, even found a few buyers, but then began the devaluation, of course, all potential buyers are lurking.

Why to invest in ruble assets, when it is best to invest in dollars? However, one new party emerged in December 2014, he bought a stake in the Bank, then changes in the composition of the Board of Directors, changed the Chairman and the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Bank started to engage more actively with claiming these credits. Gradually began to make these loans to delay. In August I made the decision and made almost all troubled borrowers on late payment. Accordingly, in August 2015 we have seen an increase of delay by hundreds of percent, and it immediately called the attention of the Central Bank.

— Obviously, this led to new problems?

first, the Central Bank has requested all overdue portfolio. Then started it all meticulously to examine and, sensing weakness, began to throw the Bank requests and requirements, then one, then the other. The economy in 2015 was in a rather distressed state. Everyone was expecting a new devaluation and autumn came. Bankopad continued. And while we with difficulty, but passed the test in the first quarter of 2015, the Bank has accrued provisions, and the requirement was fulfilled. At the same time in June 2015, the Bank limited the acceptance of deposits. We clearly complied with all restrictions. But to get the money to close the "hole", it was nowhere. I took several people more than 100 million rubles, which allowed the Bank to reach more some time. For a long time the "hole" in the cashier closed the various obligating document, and then someone came up with a "brilliant" idea: "why make a bunch of different orders, let's just make the entire amount of shortage in cash Barmenu under report. This will require only three orders". And I agreed to it. I just underestimated the situation and thought that by giving its consent, doing better for the Bank. As it turned out, made only worse to yourself. Many employees at the Bank knew about it, but almost nobody dared to tell the truth the consequence if this problem is criminal prosecution will affect him personally... But not for me to judge them, everyone has a threshold of conscience, honor and dignity.

— You do agree or you're being forced?

— no one forced Me, but the situation is put in such conditions, so Nov every morning I had to report three orders: in rubles, dollars, euros. The next morning they were destroyed. And done new. In the account they were not carried out.

— about bad loans how much they made from the portfolio?

— Pool of bad loans was in the region of 500 million rubles in total, the entire portfolio was about 4 billion rubles.

— the Establishment of reserves would be greatly crippled the Bank in terms of capital adequacy?

— If we didn't pay for the loans interest themselves and have established reserves, as expected, then we would have revoked the license in the summer of 2014. It is psychologically difficult to do and actually means to say "revoke a license from us". It means to bury all their investments and not to fulfill their promises to depositors, clients. Many banks are now in such a difficult condition. Admit license taken away, not to admit — there is a hope that all will work out. I'm talking about the normal bankers.

— in your opinion, what percentage of banks use various forms of concealment of the existing problems?

— I would not like to discuss this topic, but I have previously had a proposal not directly related to my business. I offered to hold Bank Amnesty as a one-time action: if during the Amnesty period, the Bank said, and honestly showed their problems, then give the Bank time, for example 3-5 years, to address them. This allowed the violation of economic norms, but is set quarterly improvement with the aim to bring to the required level by the end of the specified period. Why rehabilitated banks are allowed to violate regulations, and if the Bank wants to be honest about their problems and self-correct them, then it will apply all the rigidity of punitive supervision? Or another option is that banks do not immediately create 100% reserves against such assets, and on schedule, at the same time standards should not be violated. You also need to enable the banks to write off assets technical reserves without a court decision. If such an Amnesty is not to spend, not to allow banks to write off all the technical assets that have accumulated, it will devour the whole private banking system.

Interviewed the head of information-analytical Department of the Sabina HASANOVA, analyst Alexander KUDRYAVTSEV, a columnist for the Anna PONOMAREVA