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The time traveler shared a map of the United States after a major disaster

NEWS PLANET 19.12.2017 at 17:15

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A Group of military contractors, which consisted of al Bilek, revealed some data regarding the participation of the United States government in programs for the study of extraterrestrials and PSYOPS. Once the information became publicly available, with al Bilek and other members of the group started to happen strange things.

In "MontaukProject", in addition to their regular duties, Bilek worked on the development of underground magnetic levitation train on. This transport is intended solely for influential people.

in addition, among the Montauk project was a development of the tactics of psychological warfare and the study of time travel.

the Bilek managed to visit in the distant future. Back in the original time frame, he noted a number of accidents that occur on U.S. soil. The state will literally absorb water.

the words of Edgar Cayce confirm al Bilek. He had a dream in which the coast and Central US were flooded. Edgar even made a detailed map of the future territory of the United States.