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DARPA is planning to implant in a human brain implant

NEWS PLANET 19.12.2017 at 19:07

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Has Already appeared information about the development of the microchip with artificial intelligence. Some scientists support the unification of robots and humans, while others, on the contrary, categorically against this idea.

There is a risk that the machine will not copy that person and grab her mind. Thus, humanity is to turn into a zombie.

Now the advanced Nations of the world are actively investing in the development of certain neural interfaces. Thus, the U.S. has allocated $ 65 million. on creating technology that would be able to help people restore vision, hearing and speech.

the Development of implantable neural interface began in 2016, five research organizations and one private companies. All six entities are controlled by DARPA.

the New development, according to the creators, it will surprise all with its touch interface, highest accuracy and extremely high resolution. These same technologies allow you to interact with only a million neurons at a time.

the timing of the implementation of ideas not yet known, but DARPA says that the introduction of new technologies will happen as quickly as possible.