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The perfect place to survive a zombie Apocalypse

NEWS PLANET 20.12.2017 at 17:29

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On a cliff with a height of forty metres, in 1939 the lighthouse was built. Probably only a few will agree to work in such a place. There are only vast expanses of water and the Atlantic ocean.

Now to make a contribution of civilization to the most remote corners of the Earth is easy, but previously it required much effort and cost. Employee of the lighthouse shares the amazing story of the preparation for the construction of facilities. Prior to construction experienced climbers, a road was built on top of the mountain. At the end of his "ways" climbers had to get up each other's shoulders to climb to the top. Hang on guys just was not for that.

If the lighthouse Tredegar reached only by swimming, and had climbed onto the rock, today people brings and takes the helicopter.

the Unusual structure was inspired by the IRS Sigurdardottir (writer from Ireland) to write a detective "Why Did you Lie?", which instantly captured the shelves of bookstores.