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In Sydney four UFO drained the energy from storm clouds

NEWS PLANET 20.12.2017 at 17:49

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A Resident of Australia, residing in Sydney, captured on video by an unusual storm. During the disaster formed a huge cloud, around which gathered several UFOs. In the video are clearly visible luminous beads whose origin is the woman to explain could not.

the Materials were transferred to the ufologists. They made a conclusion regarding flying objects. In addition, the experts suggested that the alien ships sucked out of the cloud energy.

the very storm happened the fifteenth of December. During the recording of the clouds, sparkling with lightning, the woman is not seen any mysterious objects, however, putting video on the computer, I noticed four balls. Two UFOs flew straight to the epicenter of the disaster is likely to charge mega-powerful battery.

a Similar case is not unique: earlier UFO've noticed during certain natural events, such as volcanic eruptions.

a Video posted on YouTube, in all that time collected 45 thousand views. Users have put forward different theories about UFOs. So, some believe that the aliens simply examined our storm, because they is no such thing. Skeptics, in turn, confident in the editing, although the analysis of records has shown the authenticity.