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Open day on 5 and 8 January

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 21.12.2017 at 22:00

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, in honor of the holidays I decided to do TWO more open Day on 5 and 8 Jan. The software these days are a little different in terms of diagnosis! Read carefully.

As always, the open Day will be held in our office at the following address.

the Time when we are waiting for you - from 13-30 to 18-30 .

You can come during this period when you will be comfortable. To 19: 00 we will be with you, and will need longer.

come, Come, come, try!

We will all be happy!


!!! The open day is an opportunity to get acquainted with the club, with unimodularly Infotech, network with like-minded people, to undergo a diagnostic study with the use of existing Club computer systems with 50% discount.

For guests, moreover, it is an opportunity to purchase their first unimodular with a nice 20% discount of the base price

So bring to us guests, friends, relatives, acquaintances. We are confident that they have like.


What is the open Day from the regular working day of the club?

!!! First of all, in open Day (5 or 8 Jan) everyone who wish to purchase modulators, will receive from the Lab Infotech excellent discounts. Guests and club members.

►Guests, that is, those people who have not yet a single modulator can enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase of their first device.

***If the guest wants to buy a few animatorov, the first he acquires a 20% discount and the remaining discount birthday Bonus.

►full members of the club on this day (5 or 8 Jan) have the opportunity to purchase Souvenirs at a discount of birthday Bonus.

in the number of purchased devices, we do not limit ourselves.

What about those who do not have the physical ability to look in on us at the light in the open Day? After all, they also want the same discount!

!!! It's very simple! We posted about our event in the social network Vkontakte, and if you like, and will do a REPOST to your page at least once prior to January 7, inclusive (repost 8 January excluded), you can also get a discount of the open Day.

Repost, of course, we'll see, but just in case you can report it or PM me, or directly in this topic.

the Post will appear a little later >>

►Recall that for Valid club members discounts for this day are added to their club discounts.

►Partners store similarly - as a new year promotion of their discount (refund) 10% cumulative discounts of the open Day.


What else will get you and your guests in the open Day, in addition to the cool discounts.

Diagnostic testing.

5 Jan, Friday

on this day you can get diagnostics using the GDV-camera of Korotkov, which conducts specialist, clinical psychologist, Nina V. Tymoshenko.

, We know that many would like to take this diagnosis, but some did not fit the working days, to some - the price.

So on Friday, January 5 all-star meet.

►the Day off.

►Discounts on the diagnosis as much as 50%.

We offer you two types of GDV-diagnostics - full and Express.

the full diagnostic is used about ten programs. Takes about an hour.

read More about the full diagnosis

For rapid diagnosis are four programs. Takes 20-30 minutes.

the test is conducted by a certified specialist, a clinical psychologist, Nina V. Tymoshenko.


For guests.

the Full study (primary) - 2400,0 RUB /2 = 1200,0 RUB

Express - 1400,0 RUB/2 = 700 RUB

For full club members and Partners of the store with unimodular.

the Full study (primary) - 1800,0 RUB /2 = 900,0 rubles.

Express - 1000,0 rubles/2 = 500 rubles

January 8, Monday

Monday you can pass the test of the functional state of the organism using modern and highly informative diagnostic systems ONYX, LOTUS and ROFES with 50% discount.

it is Recommended to go to the above links and familiarize yourself with the capabilities of these complexes, which, I must say, not small! There are also the prices. Do not forget to divide by 2 :)

!! Our guests, who have no modulator, we invite you to take part in the selection of unimodular yourself, a loved one, with a DOUBLE, that is, in comparative testing using one of the diagnostic systems. Moreover, the price of a SINGLE study, that is the price.

the Meaning of comparative testing is to compare readings BEFORE interacting with the modulator, and AFTER a short period of time.

the Offer is valid ONLY FOR GUESTS, that is, for those who have no modulator.

to buy inomoderator not necessarily. No one is to blame will not be :-D


testing please book in advance by phone (see below)

the Extra buns!

►And all who come to us these days, waiting for the lottery! And win-WIN.:hk:

don't promise that everyone will benefit exactly the modulators, but something will win for sure (we have a lot of interesting things).

Receive winnings immediately, as they say, "on the spot."

in short, you will really enjoy it!:ap:

:ba: Friends, if you have questions, feel free to call on office telephone (495) 502-5944, (495) 917-2743 during working hours.

Or contact us at email:,

Remember that to come to our club these day you can when it suits you. :fg: That is, starting and 13-30 to 18-30.

Waiting for you!