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Global warming is canceled — the world will catch up with global cooling

NEWS PLANET 22.12.2017 at 17:31

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Martin Armstrong says that the Earth is not expected for global warming, by contrast, comes extreme cold. The reason for this turn of events is the rapid cooling of the Sun.

the Disappointing conclusion was not made by Martin, and a computer — machine analyzed collected over the years data. We can already observe a significant cold snap in Europe and the United States.

as a result of decreasing solar activity on the earth will begin the deficit of food products. Farmers will sharply raise the prices of goods, the number of which is significantly reduced. It is believed that the first changes we'll see in 2024. On earth will experience true hunger, which will give rise to many diseases.

Information relating to a reduction in solar activity was confirmed by NASA. Employees of the organization prepared a report which referred to the coming period of cooling.

the Activity of light is determined by the number of spots. This year scientists counted 96 days (27%), when there was not a single spot on the Sun.