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Archaeologists have discovered in Mongolia an ancient sarcophagus, surrounded by fourteen stone pillars with mysterious inscriptions

NEWS PLANET 22.12.2017 at 19:07

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In 2015 in Eastern Mongolia were conducted archaeological excavations, organized by Professor Takashi Savoy. Specialists have made a lot of photos, which show the sarcophagus in the Central part, and around fourteen stone pillars. The entire surface of boulders inscribed with Turkic symbols.

it is Considered that the archaeological site was buried an influential person — a Viceroy or AGBU. According to estimates of archaeologists, the body was buried between 716-734 years.

in addition, Osawa said that the people described in the texts on the stones, could reach the highest rank in a time when power belonged to Tengri Kagan.

the Study area made it clear that the steppe Domain Shiree was the center of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, whose whereabouts until this time did not know. Excavations will allow scientists in the future to find out what the relationship was between the rulers of the Eastern Khanate and other tribes — Tatars, Talabani etc.