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The United States declassified 62 videos of nuclear weapons tests, which no one has seen before

NEWS PLANET 23.12.2017 at 11:21

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The invention of nuclear weapons has caused a furor. At the peak of the race, States was thrown about 100 nuclear bombs, many of them captured on film.

Relatively recently, experts were able to recover the film, which recorded 62 testing of nuclear weapons by the United States military. The first declassified materials posted on YouTube back in November, and new videos uploaded recently — in December of this year.

Record belong to the postwar period because it was then a tough battle between the leading States of the world. However, in 1963 an agreement was signed between the USSR and the United States to halt all testing.

To date, scientists are perfecting a nuclear weapon only with the help of computer simulation. In this regard, the new digitized video will help to more accurately recreate the computer explosion and the motion of particles.