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New year the Earth is closer to the comet mentioned in Nostradamus

NEWS PLANET 23.12.2017 at 19:14

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In 2015 in Hawaii, NASA placed two telescope ATLAS. During this time, the devices have noticed a lot of space objects, which previously did not know. For example, was recorded the comet Heinze.

Scientists believe that our solar system, the comet entered recently, after leaving the Oort cloud. In 2017 a space object is close enough close to the Sun, resulting in a plume of gases produced by heating. This allowed to detect the comet.

heintze most closely approach the Earth from 4 to 8 January 2018 the range of 0.22 a.e. According to scientists, a collision with our planet any scenario can not happen, so nothing to worry about.

However, some suggest that heintze — the same comet mentioned by Nostradamus. In the prophecy it was reported that a celestial object will be the harbinger of terrible destruction of people and animals. However, the meaning of prediction is not entirely clear.