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Video course "Adaptive layout based on HTML5 and CSS3"

Educational magazine about computer 24.12.2017 at 10:30

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Modern websites and web development is impossible without HTML5 and CSS3, anyway. Any project, any customer require a valid, cross-browser and modern layout in HTML5 and SЅЅ3, and necessarily adapted to the mobile device.

If you will be able to impose on HTML5 and CSS3 and to adapt the project for mobile devices, we can safely raise the cost of their work. Well, if you create a site for yourself, this knowledge will help to make it better, more functional and easier. Usually, this turns into higher positions, increase attendance and profit accordingly.

As for 5 days to learn how to create modern and responsive websites?

Video course "Adaptive layout based on HTML5 and CSS3" - 4 in 1 on the example of creating a Landing Page, to be useful to many web masters and designers. Layout will be made in the editor PHPDesigner. After studying a course on adaptive layout, possible assistance in finding employment.

the author of the course - Oleg Kasyanov - an experienced web-master, Internet marketer, founder of the project the author training video and books. Experience with web development since 2009. Blogging, newsletter, creates Russian templates and extensions, as well as developing scripts for web masters and online entrepreneurs.

When creating your landing page we will implement various effects such as smooth scrolling, the replacement images when you hover (hover effects), positioning elements, sliders, forms of feedback and their handlers, and more. All of this will be useful to you in your future work.

With this course you will be able to:

- new web sites and pages

to adapt them for mobile devices

- use HTML and CSS in their own or client projects

- create any landing page: capture pages, subscription pages, product landing pages, etc.

- add various effects and scripts on the landing page

- create and use advanced forms of feedback, and more


- Design of adaptive layout, i.e. how to arrange the blocks and items to display on a mobile device.

- Work with media queries

- a Semantic markup

- New features in HTML5 and CSS3 and their analysis

Insert interactive maps from Yandex

Connection of non-standard fonts

- Smooth scrolling

- Using CSS sprites

- Adapted to all mobile devices

- the Establishment of a feedback form using the new field types

- Work with PSD source in PhotoShop

bonuses to the course:

Directory HTML5 and CSS3

- UTM codes as a tool to improve income + UTM-generator

- the Script is smart application form with a PHP handler

- a video Tutorial on using PHPDesigner

- 80% Discount on two complementary course

- Support on the forum customers

to VC

a gift from the author!

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