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The most important secrets of 2017, which are still not solved

NEWS PLANET 24.12.2017 at 18:59

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In the pyramid with the help of radiography found a cavity with a length of 153 and a width of 26 feet. To date it is not known what is that space located above the hallway that leads to the buried Pharaoh Khufu. Some scientists believe that this is just another room.

From space in September on the Ground received 15 radio signals. Scientists have calculated that they came from the galaxy that is remote from our planet 3 billion light years. Definitely radio waves originated in the area of strong magnetic fields.

In October in Wales many octopuses came out of the sea. There are several theories explaining the animals: 1) they thus deny the fact of aging; 2) to leave the sea water made them a recent storm; 3) octopus looking for food and a new house.

Scientists have found a parasite that was eating the brains of sharks. To date, it is unknown where did it come from and why began to attack it from February to July 2017. In General as killed thousands of sharks off the coast of San Francisco.

In India mysteriously appeared blue dogs. It is believed that this mutation arose due to the strong pollution of Mumbai. Dogs can get a portion of chemicals from the air and water.

In Canada mass dying whales, all the whales died on 19. Perhaps the reason for their death lies in the collision with the ships or in fishing nets, in which the animals could get confused.