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What challenges mankind will bring in 2018?

NEWS PLANET 25.12.2017 at 17:29

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Futurologists from all over the world assert that the coming year will be difficult: happens to a lot of trouble and fulfilled the worst predictions. Some futurists generally believe that in 2018 the world will end.

Before global changes on our planet happen terrible earthquake, experts say. Many problems arise due to significant climate warming, especially in Europe and India.

Also futurists worried about eruption of Yellowstone. The activity of this SUPERVOLCANO can lead to serious consequences.

Relative to the end of the world: the hopi Indians believe that it will provoke the fall of a huge cosmic body. Now the threat to Earth is thirty asteroids and, of course, Nibiru. In 2017, the mysterious planet is very actively discussed, so ignore it. The existence of Nibiru confirmed not only futurists, but also numerology. Official science does not recognize the existence of the ninth planet.