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In the search area for the missing Argentine submarine has discovered an unknown object

NEWS PLANET 25.12.2017 at 18:21

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Apparatus for DNA analysis "Panther plus" has recorded another strange object in the area of the disappearance of the Argentine submarine. Reportedly, a mysterious object is at a depth of 845 metres and is a half of a huge hollow cylinder. At the moment it is not known what kind of object it is.

on November 31, at the request of the Navy of Argentina, will be another study irregularities of the sea bottom at a depth of 814 metres. However, weather conditions can interfere with the case.

Recall, the fifteenth day of November disappeared submarine San Juan. To this day, the members of the crew, which, incidentally, was 44 people, not to get in touch.

on the Thirtieth of November, the operation to save lives was terminated the very same boat still trying to find. This deals with the crew of the Russian Oceanographic vessel "Yantar".