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The people of Russia witnessed an unusual glow in the sky

NEWS PLANET 26.12.2017 at 10:52

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Many people in Russia today, December 26, witnessed a strange glow in the sky. So in the Rostov region in the early morning observed a surprising smoky light on the background of a dark sky. I must say that it was fascinating and did not leave anyone indifferent. The first photo depicted a heavenly light began to spread yet half-past seven in the morning. They are actively shared with different parts of the region.

Lipetskiy area is also not left behind. At the same time it became known about the mysterious glow in the sky.

the Extraordinary light spot on the sky was observed by witnesses in Volgograd and Voronezh region.

I must say that the glow of impressed people and sparked heated debate among Internet users. People were divided in their opinions, some are confident that this is the work of aliens or traces of the subtle worlds, while others believe seen some warning from heaven. Someone tries to explain it in more natural things, considering that most likely it is the trace of the explosion or the flying rocket.