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A ladle with a vertical handle online store for saunas and baths 28.12.2017 at 03:30

To Buy wooden furniture and accessories for Your baths, saunas and garden easier. Turn to the manufacturer. Delivery across Russia.

Ladle with a vertical handle is made of wood. This is a convenient and practical thing in any steam, as a bucket can be quickly and easily pour water on the stones without fear of being scalded. Besides from the ladle with slanted handle, giving the individual the convenience for use, can drink cold water after a bath or pour hot water in your basin.

is a ladle with a vertical handle from basswood, as this wood is not known to get the years of tar and absorbs moisture. Consequently, called the product – an indispensable, practical and very handy attribute in any sauna and bath.

Overall size: Diameter of bucket 150 mm, height 150 mm, handle length 420 mm.

Material: Linden.