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Cubicles – a new way of organizing space

WOMANBOOK DIARY ZhENSchINIWOMANBOOK — woman's DIARY 12.11.2017 at 15:40

Woman's DIARY

Today, people appreciate comfort and coziness. These important parameters must match not only private houses and apartments, but also public institutions. After all, the world is becoming more social and people spend more time not at home, and outside of it. Therefore, inevitably, they visit different socially oriented institutions, such as educational institutions, businesses, cafes, restaurants, sports complexes, theaters. Therefore, it is very important to use a new invention designers – plumbing walls. It is very easy and convenient, not to build brick walls and other bulky structures to separate the space of the bathroom, and use more practical and cost effective way.

the design of the bathroom from using the WC cubicles only wins. For convenient use of the bathroom they were invented. Plumbing walls from the site very convenient from the point of view of hygiene, as they are easy to wash, they do not absorb moisture and to endure mechanical damage. In the case where such partition is damaged, it is very easy to replace without much financial damage.

This invention is worth to consider and to use.