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Chernihiv - Flying UFO - 26.12.2017

UFOBUA - archive UFO Ukraine 29.12.2017 at 11:45

UFOBUA - national ufologicheskiy archive

17:00... I was Standing in the center of the pedestrian bridge listening to the player. Watched fireworks allowed on the circular descent of a pedestrian bridge. After several launches of fireworks, I saw the side of Golden beach two luminous object. Probably spent monitoring the military part, that near the sea. The color of a star bright yellow. When I noticed these objects, we were very focused on them and mentally said, I have seen them. Soon two objects simultaneously faded and disappeared from sight.

17:45... After I went home, stopped at the stadium near the former legal branch, now the building of the Polytechnic University (St. Cossack), listened to lectures on the development of consciousness. I looked at the moon. But suddenly to the right I saw a flashing aircraft are infrequent. I started to watch the plane, and soon my mind was fixed on the nearest yellow star. And all of a sudden this "star" began to gain speed, and soon very quickly move from the South-West to North-East. I carefully watched look, a UFO, even turned on its axis, and again mentally spoke that he noticed the object. And that's after I turned a bit so the object is stopped, and then abruptly changed direction by 90 degrees in the direction of the East, was reduced to small size and disappeared. IT WAS A UFO FOR SURE! Perhaps this object he conducted surveillance of the military unit, one that in Goncharov.

I have observed these objects in the direction of forest Park Elevsina. Maybe something catches UFO on the part of the former runway (where else in the 2016 summer, I've seen running radar and decided not to move).

Source: someone Paul, the letter to the UFOBUA from December 26, 2017 21:33:51

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