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In 1937 in Vancouver, launched an Intercontinental ballistic missile?

NEWS PLANET 27.12.2017 at 19:07

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On 26 September this year, the Russians saw in the sky a kind of luminous phenomenon, which is soon, December 23 was repeated, however, in Los Angeles. The Americans were sure that the culprit of what happened — Elon Musk. Glow appeared as a result of the launch of his missile command Space X.

the UFO in turn, noted that such phenomenon was already eighty years ago in Vancouver. Then launched ballistic missile "Bulava". Experts have found the black-and-white photos and collected data of eyewitnesses. According to people, the phenomenon also had a bright blue glow.

it is Worth noting that some flash was also seen in 1977 over Petrozavodsk. At this time, the missile almost to exist could, but in 1937 — a big mystery. Moreover, for some reason, a ballistic missile painted in the monasteries, the monks from Serbia.