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Stop Ragnarok! Save the world and learn HTML


"Ragnarok is coming! Tremble, mortals, for when One created the world, he made a gross error in the code. So far everything worked, but soon goes berserk. World DOM tree Yggdrasil will wither and die. From Jotunheim come evil giants Malicious Scripts and you don't know what they are doing. If your code will not be able to fix in time the end of the world. By the way, here next to the box — don't let her red fluffy handsome or we just nesdobrovat."

Thor and Loki already in a hurry to save the world, they can use your help.

Join the ranks of one of the two teams and from 1 to 5 January trainee, search for artifacts and get points.

the winning Team will get access to all the pay rates including the epic course "the Great Kexby" from 6 to 10 November, and the team ranked second will receive access to all open at the end of the game courses to 10 January inclusive.

let the battle begin of the year!

HTML Academy