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Series Postal bee

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Amber In the country, similar to our early XX century Europe, reigns eternal night, but for some, it is darker, someone lighter. Masters of life gathered at the Central island, in the city of Dawn, above which hangs a small artificial sun. Around the capital is spread Yusari – the habitat of the middle class, and the outer ring is called the yodok County is a raw materials appendage, where lives and works the "black people" in company with vagabonds and bandits. Bridges between the three regions are allowed to cross only a few – primarily the couriers and postmen, United in the Guild of "letter bee". Depends on the exchange of information in the Amber country, separated by Straits, mountains and deserts. 12-year Lag Siin once he was "sending", which is delivered to destination sueyd Ghosh, one of the best couriers "bee-mail". Before that, Lag lost his mother, and he was sure – the case involved agents of the government. Now to find her life purpose guy, and he, reasoning not childish sensibly, realized that only the postal service provides for this such as weapons and freedom of movement. And let to the rank of full-fledged "bee" far – young Here do not lack neither the ability nor the determination. Here only you will have time Lag to get into a "Hive" - the Guild house – high enough before it will suffer the fate of mother? © Hollow, World Art

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