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The series Portrait of a little girl Cosette

Movies online on AllInCinema 02.01.2018 at 16:00

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A Talented artist airy, Kurahasi parallel studies in College earns by selling the Antiques in the store of his uncle, traveling about Europe and there who supply different kind of antiquity. Considering another purchase - antique French XVIII century sideboard with glass products, airy encounters an unusual color glass. When the guy touches it in front of him is the vision of a beautiful blond girl in an old dress, the spirit tragically died 250 years ago, the young Cosette, the daughter of a noble noble family the D Auvergne. Later in the cupboard and found a portrait of Cosette, owned by brush Marcello Orlando wrote many portraits of girls and who disappeared immediately after her death. Airy covers crazy passion for this, visible to him alone Gothic lolita, with whom he seems to have known for a very long time. Is it a coincidence that the manner of his drawings are so reminiscent of paintings of the late Marcello Orlando?

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