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Dmitry peg: “I Will give comments on what they saw teams”

KVN for ALL 04.01.2018 at 04:11

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Editor of the Higher League Dmitry pegs promised to share considered views on the teams during the Sochi festival. Comments by the editor will be available in his telegram channel:

4 January, officially begins the Sochi festival of KVN teams. Come a lot of teams from all over the country and not just our own. And every team, even one that did not make it to the second round, and received a rating, an increased rating or did not get anything, he wants to hear at least a few words about the performance from these (who do not understand, just we have not taken in the second round), who is sitting at that big table and makes a decision. It is clear that to realize this is almost impossible! But never say never! I'm in my telegrams-channel will try to comment on each team that will be seen on the festival stage (of course I see not all, physiological needs has not been canceled), I'll do it right during the first round.

Comments will be harsh and without nozzle maximum in the case. Pity nobody will, you feel sorry for me not going! I want to emphasize that this is my personal opinion, no one else! Neither the opinion of all the editors, nor the opinion of amika moreover, solely mine. If so, that is what I'm a jerk, asshole, bastard, moron, does not understand completely, underline. Those who are interested in my opinion subscribe to the telegram-channel