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Short circuit

The scientific approach 06.01.2018 at 15:35

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Often at night I can't sleep — the insomnia no doubt caused by the age — and I have satellite, so I went down to the living room, trying to find that on any channel is something innocent. But it turns out that the second, third, fourth hour of the night from the screen, and will mainly bloody corpses. A huge number of these bodies shows the overall view of the gentlemen managers of world television, that without bodies and without death nothing interesting to show is impossible. If the day, though quite rare, can still show some Museum, some Egypt and anything of that sort, some sort of mummy, at night, you can constantly cut each other.

This is what we gradually accustomed the TV, and then all wonder why children shoot children why the boy shoots dad and so on. Just so is the one who constantly watches television. I think about it, because now a lot of writing planned on a Grand scale of electronic information industry. The atmosphere will rotate the ring of communications satellites that will allow anyone with a TV, telephone or a personal computer, to communicate with any other person in the world. Anyone can choose a world of movie any movie for viewing and everything can be ordered immediately. If, for example, I would now certainly speak with some pygmy or a fisherman from New Zealand or to ask how's the aunt of the gentleman who is sitting in Antarctica and learns there is a depth of ice cover, — please!

now, I have to say that my interests are much more modest, I'm not interested in neither the aunt nor the fisherman. A similar picture of me, rather scary, because I found this beautiful technology full of worries caused by, for example, an abundance of mail. People, if politically correct to say American, otherwise arranged in the mental attitude, fill up me to be extremely important according to them messages about Martians and other amazing things. Interestingly, the sphere of madness is a very eagerly assimilates and absorbs innovations, including technology, and then they somehow virodene converts, perverts. Originates different obsessions of ordinary people, universal death ray, and so on and so forth. So I confess that if, God forbid, I was the owner of such a receiver or interceptor of these various information services, the first thing I would try to figure out how it is possible to isolate and where the switch...

After all, what benefits will accrue from such a global information network? First, ninety percent of Americans want to watch baseball jokes, but some of Laurence Olivier in "hamlet" or "Othello" — hardly... So incredibly advanced communication cannot by itself improve the tastes of the General public. I rather feared that it will be to unify them. And not only that: privacy, full privacy, as the same may become a threat. Don't want to be vulgar, but if someone is completely alone with his lust and feels that it can with impunity give an outlet for his energy, finesse, whatever you want, it is quite possible that he wants to do thanks to the electronics crimes in effigie, i.e. virtual, and it will captivate much more intense than the study of Spinoza. I fear that in this new world need in the works of philosophers would be extremely, extremely low.

So these, well osmyslenie human mind instruments will provide a competitive instincts. But on the other hand: if we wanted the top to interfere in these tastes, it has the word censorship causes terrible fears, because it is not clear how to manage these tastes? It seems to me that the idea of global electronic sphere, short-circuit all with all the prerequisites already hides in itself various adverse possibilities. It can be new areas and new spaces of crime. Different gangsters and God knows who else will use this network to facilitate their ability to negotiate and work together. The ingenuity of the people in the field of Evil, sorry, terrible, horrible and multidimensional. When I'm in the sixties wrote "the Sum of technologies", it is the hero called by the Constructor, but it was a rational man and I don't know why, but I never thought that it will be with a great passion to do something that would appall the good-natured Fantomas. If such phenomena had a long talk, as a kind of abstraction that may be out there somewhere, over the ridge of the centuries, only as pure potential, not necessarily the existing opportunity, the person does not feel an immediate threat and perceives it as the tale of the iron wolf. Meanwhile — it all starts with the little things, unfortunately, so it looks — people infect each other with our addiction to the extraordinary. Something like this: if you can, then try... and inhuman suddenly becomes mundane.

I look at it all so pessimistic, as through a glass screen gets me this bloody extract, extract all crushed bodies and tragic phenomena in the world. I don't see the point in increasing this flow, because our ability to perceive information is limited, that is, we can understand, to empathize and to spontaneously react to the flour, the famine, the troubles of one or the other, fifteen or a hundred people, but to say that a hundred million suffering, it's the same, what can I say — three billion. The phenomenon of melting in the figures and stops anything mean.

Stanislaw LEM (1995)

Source: Magazine "Knowledge-Force" 01.2018

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