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Balcony inside: 100 stylish options for 2018

Designix 09.01.2018 at 14:15

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Balcony are increasingly used as a functional living room. In order for this to be possible, its quality insulated and glazed, then begin to do design space decoration materials, in accordance with the stylistic decision room. Balcony involves not only consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the materials used, but also account for their use. The balcony is a small space which is often not heated, so this fact must be taken into account when facing balcony or loggia. To understand what better to decorate the balcony inside, you need to compare materials, consider their advantages and disadvantages, and to consider them through the prism of design and practicality in use.


Stone is a spectacular and presentable material, which is not cheap, but looks nice. It is unpretentious in service, capable to serve for many years and has a high level of durability. However, in order to finish the balcony, you can use natural stone – the reason is its great weight, which is contraindicated for balcony, the only exception is the loggia.

it is Important to remember the fact that it is not necessary to do a trim of the same material, it is possible to combine, to take into account the characteristics of the materials, then choose a good combination, creating a stunning and unique interior of balcony or loggia.


Wood wall paneling is best suited for the balcony, which we expect to conduct a relaxing, light tea. Wood – natural and environmentally friendly material, which creates the impression that are outside the city or on the cosy terrace. Quality siding of wood very easy and simple to set, since its elements have the grooves, thanks to their surface smooth, no cracks.

to Repair the wood finish is also very easily damaged part removed and replaced with a new one. Molded from wood of coniferous breeds – a cheap option, if you are interested in quality and reliability, it is necessary to pay attention to aspen or oak.


the Use of plastic panels for finishing the balcony inside solutions, causing a number of doubts and different thoughts. The advantages of material are: moisture resistance, low weight, wide range, ease of installation. However, in the same row have a significant drawback – fragility. If the temperature is too low, the plastic is subject to deformation, crack. Same thing with the shock, he immediately breaks down, so its installation is not desirable in families where there are children, and the balcony is necessary to heat-insulate.


This material is chosen when the surface is not completely smooth. Sheets of plasterboard are fixed to the metal frame, and between the wall and gipsokartonom is laid insulation. For finishing the balcony is better to use special moisture-resistant drywall. Outwardly, this material is not pretty, so it is necessary to paint or decorate with Wallpaper. Installation is very simple, you can make it yourself, besides the price of drywall is acceptable and everyone can afford.