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Types of cancer treatment: what techniques are recognized as the most effective

Modern medical technology, the use of traditional and innovative drugs in cancer gives perfect results. Modern evidence-based medicine offers various methods of treatment of the disease. Depending on a number of factors – the kind and localization of the tumor, the stage of the incidence, histological type, condition and age of the patient, selects the optimal method of treatment of cancer. A mandatory step before choosing a method of treatment is a thorough diagnostic examination, because the treatment of tumors respond differently.

In the case of the inability of the cancer treatment on the causes of disorders in blood composition, presence of comorbidity or General severe condition of the patient is offered palliative care. Methods palliative care includes the following stages:

the selection of effective drugs for pain relief; the appointment of symptomatic therapy; selection of diet; psychological support to the patient and his family.

If the data received during diagnostics, it will be possible to cure tumors specialists can apply the following methods of treatment.

the Surgical treatment

the Method involves removing with a scalpel (surgical cutting instrument) modified fabrics. Regardless of the location of the tumor site operations, anaesthesia is used. The development of the plan and its implementation is carried out by a group of specialists that includes surgeons, oncologists, radilov, doctor of radioisotope diagnosis and pathologist. The operation involves removing the tumor the surrounding tissues to prevent relapse. Depending on the volume of the tumor are such operations are:

radical; palliative care; diagnostic. Chemotherapy

the Method involves the introduction into the body, destroying cancer cells or stopping the development of toxic drugs strong. In most cases, chemotherapy is used in combination with other methods: radiotherapy and surgery. Chemotherapy is the only effective remedy for numerous entities. The result of the treatment:

the destruction left after surgery of cancer cells; reducing the tumor size before radiation therapy or before surgery; increasing the effectiveness of other treatments; control of recurrent tumors and metastases. Radiation therapy

the Use of this technique involves the use of ionizing high-energy radiation. The result is the destruction of the DNA structure of dividing cells. Depending on a number of factors can be used interstitial (brachytherapy) or external beam radiotherapy. A prerequisite for obtaining the desired effect is the exact calculation and the correct choice of the direction of radiation. Radiation therapy is carried out for 6-8 weeks. At the end of the course is the recovery period for 4-6 weeks. Radiation therapy may be combined with chemotherapy.

Hormonal therapy

is Used as a Supplement to the basic therapy (surgery, radiation therapy, chemioterapia). The goal of hormonal therapy is the adjustment of the amount of hormones in the blood, which can slow the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Targeted therapy

the Newest method based on the use of drugs that block contributing to the growth of cancer cells molecules. Is very effective in combating metastasis. The use of drugs allows you to:

to slow or block the growth of cells; to destroy the immune cellular communication; to isolate from each other affected cells. Immunotherapy

Promising technique involves the use of biological agents with a high level of antitumor activity. The drugs block the access to the tumor of nutrients that can block the malignant process.

the Main proper diagnosis

unfortunately, there are no few cases with incorrect diagnosis. Often this is due to inadequate training of doctors, as well as old or not accurate equipment. A second opinion from another doctor will give you a more accurate diagnosis and can often change your mind about the upcoming treatment. That is why we advise you to contact best doctors, the specialists of Israel for a "second opinion".