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Question: Can a word to say about your wonderful garden, I saw with my own eyes?

Video Nicolai 12.01.2018 at 09:13

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the Final word ((voice from the audience: can have a word to say about your wonderful garden, I saw with my own eyes) I did not have before especially to consider the garden, believe me, that's something I saw but didn't have neither the desire nor the time to go and yet there is a large area and I didn't really change much, saw something, took a picture and I'll probably write the last the last lines of the tenth, because of the photographs Svetlana has already done, I just haven't finished yet, expect that it will make a new one, but she naturally did what you did, some pictures I made myself, that was what came across, as they say under the nose, so to speak, but say so then later I come, the fact that it is not quite that, because it is one thing when it is there all the time, any so to say on the spot as said by a journalist on the spot was always there she found every day of what happened there and so on and of course recorded all on camera it say so when I come back periodically, of course the fact that fall will be at the time it is all the same, if the blossom goes and the fruits go, they don't bloom every day, not every day the fruit, they one cycle is over, the second after some time the second the third and so on, but it's still like fall, so we'll see how and what, so unfortunately I don't see many questions answered today, but I read as saying all these questions anyway, because we are otherwise we get kicked out very soon from this room and this is what I want to say that the first thing that I will now give you the last so to speak, those who wish to get rid of locks again who wants the get rid of, and who wants to stay with the locks — I will not touch, they remain yours for as long as you are going to want, this is the first, second, then .... another 15 minutes just how much time to people I can sign books and so on, but just to sign the books so to speak who desire to be I will, but please first be suitable for those who come from far away, Muscovites me anyway and I see much more often, and those who come from afar please those to put forward, to show awareness, so to say human and fifteen minutes, not more, in 15 minutes someone had — had one there — no offense so to say well, it means next time and the next, well, who will hear not only sitting in the hall, after I said that at one meeting said that there was a provocation on my website on the classmates began, the information went and a lot of people started to send invitations of offers to be friends, I can tell unfortunately I have to decline, not because I don't want someone to see friends, just first it's impossible for me to answer each and all to write, because if everyone is going for half an hour to answer I understand that time and to the same classmates — it's really the friends I know for a long time, well not saying that new friends may not appear, but when hundreds of people even the most good people I am not able quite simply not only and so do not be offended, I refuse to accept them as friends, not because I feel unworthy of man, and so forth, I just can't then one is taken, and the other is not to accept, it's not fair to be so I have to refuse all those who ask, not because I think they are bad .. because it's impossible for me to maintain a correspondence with them via classmates, so sorry but the reality is that I don't want to mislead, just hang the other, and then say so what's the point if I can't respond to emails, messages because it takes time, and I have unfortunately time is not a lot there, otherwise I should do or one thing or another, so such things here).