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In the United States of America owls attack people

NEWS PLANET 13.01.2018 at 20:36

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Channel WSB-TV raised the issue of too-frequent attacks of owls on people. So, in Atlanta (Georgia) for a couple of days brutally three birds. They would grab passers-by over the head and shoulders, leaving serious wounds.

Experts suggest that the birds have become aggressive due to frost, the anomalous areas. This conclusion, said the employee of the Geological survey of the United States Susan Haig.

the Low temperature killed the food of birds, mice and rats. In the end, hungry animals to attack larger prey, including humans. Were also registered cases when owls eat dogs. For example, 23 Dec bird tried to carry an adult Yorkshire Terrier. The benefit of the owners time to react, but to save the dog failed. The bird flew away, but the dog died due to too deep wounds.

it is Especially difficult to search for food owls who are under informed. Due to inexperience, they need to exert more effort to eat.

in addition, the attacks could be mating season, when males vigorously defend the territory. Attacks on some people was linked with the fact that they are too close to the trees.