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The prophet who is never wrong: the predictions of Nostradamus Brazilian in 2018

NEWS PLANET 14.01.2018 at 19:04

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Jucelino of Nobrega de Luz (Brazilian Nostradamus) started to predict some things from school days. Then, they dealt mainly with relatives, but then dreams began to reveal the fate and completely strange people, especially the stars.

In 1979, jucelino had a terrible accident that killed Princess Diana. Predictor appealed to the President, personally, the Princess wrote a letter published or even seen the event in well-known Newspapers. Then, however, the predictor was only nineteen years old, therefore his words are not taken seriously. After a time, a bad dream come true that must have thrilled many.

a Similar situation occurred in 2001, when the man predicted the attack on a shopping center, but nobody paid attention to the warning.

Earlier, jucelino saw in a dream a disaster, which has shared with the world. So, in 2018 our planet will collide with a large enough asteroid, but the end of the world will happen, as prophesied by some journalists.

it is also Worth noting 2043. According to jucelino on Earth will be only 20% of humanity, other people will die as a result of human disaster.