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May 10, 1945 on the wall of the Reichstag appeared the inscription "Lipina from Kizlyar"

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CMS - news of the Caucasian Mineral Waters / the Most up to date information! News Of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk News, News Of Yessentuki, Mineral Waters News, News Of Zheleznovodsk, Lermontov News, News Georgievsk, Stavropol News

14 January, the participant of great Patriotic war Vera Nikitina (before marriage – Lipina) celebrated the 95th birthday

a veteran of the great Patriotic war Vera Nikitina from Kizlyar noted 14 Jan 95. The celebration of this date for the jubilee organized by the city Council of veterans of war and labour in the leisure Centre. Your ninety-fifth birthday of Vera Nikolaevna said, wearing medals and most importantly – always in a good mood and cheerful mood, in the circle of friends.

Warm congratulations on behalf of the mayor to address highly decorated hero of the day was read out by Deputy head of administration Tatiana krynychne. She presented flowers and a gift, wishing the war veteran good health and stamina, long life to the delight of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all those around her.

Vera Nikitina received congratulations from the staff and kcson g. Kizlyar, led by Director Svetlana Baimurzaeva, Chairman of the Council of veterans of war and labor of Kizlyar Valentina Starchak, and many others. Veteran soloist of the choir delighted the jubilee songs, and the heroine of the occasion, being a lover of folklore, surprised everyone with a cheerful ditties.

For the Cup of tea she shared memories. She came from the village of Alexandria in the Kizlyar district. The war started when was in high school. At the beginning of 5 may 1942 he volunteered to the front.

She finished the courses on the shooter-bomber in Grozny, then served in the army of the second Belorussian front, in the fifth air army 532 battalion aviation maintenance. A young girl had hung bomb, load the ammunition, watching the planes on a combat mission. Victory Faith Nikitin met in Germany in Shnaydemyl, near Berlin. Her maiden name Lipina she forever left on the wall of the Reichstag.

After the war she married Nicholas Von Nikitin, with whom they created strong family, gave birth to two daughters. Now a participant of the war also proudly wears the title of grandmother and great-grandmother.

Faith Nikitin was awarded the Order of Patriotic war 2 degrees, medals "For the capture of Berlin", "For military merit", "For defense of Caucasus", "For victory over Germany 1941-1945.g."