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Scientists of the ITMO University, together with colleagues from Switzerland and Germany won the grant in the framework of the European program ERA.Net Plus

News Universiteta ITMO 22.01.2018 at 08:14

News Universiteta ITMO

A Team of scientists of the International scientific-educational center for physics of nanostructures of the ITMO University, together with colleagues from the Federal Institute for research and testing of materials (BAM) (Germany) and ETH Zurich (ETH) (Switzerland) has won a grant under the European initiative ERA.Net Plus. The project is for three years, involves working on the modeling and design of new functional nanomaterials are promising for biomedical applications and diagnostics of various diseases. As the authors of the study, such nanomaterials are created based on triple quantum dots, will help to create a unique selection and sensitivity sensor platform for multiplexed single-cell analysis of pathogens. In the future, the results of researches can also allow to make significant progress in creating a more accurate and miniature devices for fluorescent analysis of biostructures.