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Discounts up to 18% extra for almost EVERYTHING! | Wildberries KZ

Tape the latest coupons 24.01.2018 at 09:43

Latest coupons

-18% additionally, almost ALL cost from 17300 tenge.

-12% additionally, almost ALL cost from 10100 tenge.

Discounts are not valid on items marked with the Special price, Spring 18, SALE, PROMOTION and brands Oodji, MANGO, TVOE, Incity, ECCO, Casio, Lego, Colin's, Kerry, Reima, Lassie by Reima, Love Republis , T. TACCARDI, Afina, Ekonika, Kuoma, Dino Ricci, 1001 DRESS , Vittoria Vicci, sports nutrition, transportation, baby products and electronics.

-7% additionally almost ALL for any value of the goods.

the Discount does not apply to items marked with the Special price, PROMOTION, brand Oodji, Lego, Finn Flare, as well as products for kids and electronics.

the promo Code will automatically applied in Your cart!

the conditions of the promotion are subject to change.