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Anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky

A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose 24.01.2018 at 06:14

Modern prose for adults and fantasy, pathos, intelligence and lies.

Vladimir Vysotsky. When poets go off the pedestals.

Today Vladimir Vysotsky — poet, the bard, the actor would have turned 80 years old. For nearly forty years he was gone. A lot has happened and changed since then, but people like him never showed up in the vastness of our country, where lies and injustice, unfortunately, is not diminished. But it would be nice if a man of such talent, spirit and temperament would have lived among us now.

Now every day we see and hear, basically, any "cords" and "ropes", "sponges" and "brooms", uh, toe tapper in the environment is different "pads" and "tampons". And so the wretchedness of such spectacles once again shows us what we lost in the face of Vladimir Vysotsky.

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