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Common injuries of the spine and their treatment

Currently many people have problems with the spine that appear for a variety of reasons. Depending on this treatment. To these diseases should be taken seriously, as the success of treatment will depend on your health. It is important to contact an experienced and very well-established professionals.

the Main causes of spinal injuries

the causes of these problems are different, but most often they are associated with intensive impact on the human body during:

road accidents; collapse of buildings; natural disasters; sports.

the first place are damages received during an accident. Injury to the spine can also the careless fall in the home, while driving or doing sports. In a separate group includes the injury because of the pathological changes (primary tumor, osteoporosis, etc.).

Appear such problems, depending on the nature of the impact, i.e. in different ways. Example: for injuries due to traffic accidents / accidents are characterized by damage to the cervical because of a sharp flexion / extension of neck; for injuries caused by a fall from a height, the characteristic fracture of the lower division, etc, for a spine treatment in Israel here.

the Symptoms of various injuries of the spine

the Cervical. Injury accompanied by concussion, head injuries, difficulty breathing, rib fractures, loss of consciousness.

the Thoracic. The problem is manifested by pain at the site of injury, fatigue, discomfort with pressure on the vertebrae, pain after coughing or sneezing, numbness, loss of sensation, sharp pains in the chest, heart rhythm disturbances, and motor abilities.

the Lumbar-sacral region. Symptoms are loss of consciousness, spinal shock, inability to control the functioning of internal organs, loss of limb sensitivity.

Types of spinal injuries

If we talk about the consequences of injury, they can manifest as:

dislocations; fractures; bruising; compression; displacements; violations of the integrity of the soft tissues and skin, etc. the Most serious for human health are diseases manifested in the form of offsets, gaps, or compression of the spinal cord; displacement or damage of the intervertebral discs; greenich formations; compression of the nerve roots, soft tissue and blood vessels.

while fractures disturbed the integrity of bone tissue. If spine fracture refers to a category of compression generated due to high axial loads or disease (tumors, hernia, osteopenia, osteoporosis), it is manifested as a flattening of the bone. Dislocations are characterized by the displacement of the vertebrae relative to the axis of the body and each other. Fractures of the spine are expressed as follows:

numbness of the extremities; partial or complete immobilization (paralysis, paraplegia, paresis); dysfunction of the internal organs (in varying degrees).

the Fracture of the cervical vertebrae leads to instant death.

spinal Injury is extremely adversely affected if physical damage occurs to the spinal cord up to 95% of people become disabled; of the total number of disabilities are about 50% of the victims.

the Treatment of spinal injuries

Experts dedicated to solving such problems are neurological surgeons, vertebrologists, traumatologists. A prerequisite of effective treatment is a thorough diagnosis, including x-rays, examination by surgeon, traumatologist, neurologist. More detailed examination can be performed using CT or MRI.

the Treatment according to the results of such procedures are administered in the form of surgery; corsetiere; splinting; temporal immobilization; drug exposure.

In some cases, use skeletal traction.

the Last stage of treatment is rehabilitation for the expansion of motor abilities, strengthening of muscles of a back, the return of health and quality of life. He, like all prior actions, is very important because quite often, long while without moving, a person loses the ability to control your body, so you need expert help to restore this function.

If you want to effectively get rid of any consequences of this disease, you should seriously consider the treatment of the spine and range of expertise. The second factor has the highest value. Physicians should have a high qualification, extensive experience and an impeccable reputation.