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The end of the 12th season

Diablo® III 26.01.2018 at 18:00

Here comes to an end another season in Diablo III, the nephalem. It's time to take stock and to prepare for the new season.

If you participate in a season for the first time, you probably still don't know what happens at the end of the season with your subjects, characters and experience. Peace of mind! Now we'll explain everything and tell you what you can expect during the change of seasons.

the seasons of the Conquest of the Rating table the Offseason


Those who have already participated in the seasons will attest, that neither gold, nor in the production during the season there is no shortage, and to gain experience in improving a pleasure. So what happens with your progress and all that was gone when the season's over? In short, you practically have nothing to lose.

the following is a list of awards obtained in the course of the season, who will be able to inherit your non-seasonal heroes.


Seasonal heroes will become non-seasonal and will be transferred either in normal or hardcore mode. You do not need to delete any characters to make room for them; your seasonal heroes will retain their cells. You can also use the season rebirth and transform any non-seasonal hero in the seasonal character of the 1st level.


non-seasonal characters will have all the gold accumulated in the course of the season.

the Experience and Paragon levels

In the off-season modes will transfer all the experience gained by the heroes after reaching the 70th level, the number of Paragon levels obtained in the course of the season and in other modes will not be summed up directly. For example, if your seasonal hero reached the 300 level of improvement and the level of perfecting your off-season heroes — 400, the result of the migration experience, the level of off-season heroes will not be equal to 700. This is because the amount of experience required to achieve the higher levels, is constantly increasing.

blood shards

Almost like gold, any blood shards from your seasonal heroes will be transferred in off-season mode. If your non-seasonal heroes have reached the limit of blood shards, it will be for some time to exceed. You can spend shards at its discretion, however, the new to collect will be impossible as long as your reserves exceed the limit.


All equipment of a hero, and the items in his bag will go with him in off-season mode. Items in your seasonal stash will be sent to your off-season heroes in the mail. They will be able to get any of your heroes. Items will be stored in the mail within 30 days from the time you first log into the game after the end of the season. To access the items from the mailbox in Diablo III for the PC, just run the game and click the mail icon in the lower left corner of the screen. To get items in the console version, locate the mailbox in any city. If you unlock the original ancient objects, passing the Great the portal 70 on a seasonal hero, you'll be able to get them for off-season characters after the season ends (if not previously unlocked them for the off-season heroes).

Progress of artisans and sketches

If you have artisans in the course of the season to a higher level than in the off-season, their progress will be transferred. All the sketches, which were obtained in the course of the season and which have no off-season heroes, also will continue.

Shared cache

Any cells and tabs for shared stash, purchased in the course of the season, will be available off-season heroes, if they were not open them earlier.

All achievements and data on how the conditions of their receipt are transferred into off-season mode. This process occurs automatically, wait for the end of the season is not required. Also throughout the season counts the accumulated achievement points.

Kanai's Cube

In the off-season all the legendary properties extracted using cube on a seasonal character can use and non-seasonal heroes. With the beginning of new season, seasonal characters will not be able to use the legendary properties extracted using cube Kanae in the previous season or out of season.

Rewards of the 12th season

All the players that have managed to develop at least one character to 70 level during the 12th season, will get items for transmogrification chest armor and gloves. These items the player will have at its disposal as soon as one of his seasonal heroes will reach 70 level. To use them will all the characters on your account — both seasonal and off-season (wait for the end of the season do not have). To use the new items, just talk to the fortune teller Miriam and click the "Transmog". For completing chapters in the seasonal campaign, players will also get a frame for a portrait and wings.

note: all heroes, rewards, and progress will convert to the appropriate off-season mode (normal or heroic). Any items, gold, experience to get Paragon levels, achievements, experience craftsmen and sketches, as well as in the overall cache and blood shards produced seasonal characters in normal mode, after the end of the season will be available off-season heroes, also created in normal mode. And all that was sent to your seasonal heroes in heroic mode will be transferred off-season heroes in heroic mode.

the Conquest of the 12th season

unlike other rewards, conquests at the conclusion of the 12th season anywhere will not be transferred (because they are not available off-season heroes). It also means that the gains will not affect the number of achievement points in non-seasonal modes.

the Rating table for 12-season

as soon As the season comes to an end, all leaderboards will be reset and you will not be able to increase your rating before the start of the new season. In the PC version of Diablo III ladder the previous season can be viewed in the game itself. As soon as the new season starts, players on PC will be able to use convenient drop-down menu to compare your records for the current and previous seasons. Those who play the console version, will also be able to see your ranking in the previous season.

the players on the PC can view current and past leaderboards on our website.

in addition, in the PC version the off-season rating table great portals will be reset after the end of the season. However, you can just play for non-seasonal heroes (including ex-seasonal) in the current era, so you don't have to wait for the start of the new season.

End of the 12th season and the beginning of the 13th

during the inter-season break, you will be able to deal with seasonal awards and read their data in ranking tables. A good reason to simply enjoy his success and plenty to hunt for items in the off-season modes!

the 12th season will end in the following regions exactly at the specified time.

North America: Monday, February 12, 4:00 Moscow time. Europe: Sunday, 11 February, 19:00 Moscow time. Asia: Sunday, February 11, 11:00 Moscow time.

the 13th season will start about two weeks after finishing 12th at the specified time.

North America: Saturday, February 24, 4:00 Moscow time. Europe: Friday, February 23, 19:00 Moscow time. Europe: Friday, February 23, 11:00 Moscow time.

to Navigate time zones will help you with this handy guide. See you in the 13th season!

You ready?

What successes have you achieved in the 12th season? What was the highest greater rift you've managed to conquer? How many conquests did you? What else have you achieved?

let us know in the comments!