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Sobchak, Putin, Posner and the other characters of our Opera

A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose 30.01.2018 at 10:07

Modern prose for adults and fantasy, pathos, intelligence and lies.

Woman without dogs, but with a discount

Everything is already written and told... So what's the question?.. Again Sobchak sneak into power?!.. It is a pity that the conversation K. Sobchak from VVP (Putin), which took place last year, did not show (and never will!) on the zombie box. Thank you though a conversation with another GDP (Posner) at the first zombie channel announced.

was Not too lazy and looked, although clearly presented, there is nothing new or unexpected it personally, I will not give. Me a new contender for the post of President of the Russian Federation from a family of Sobchak good if not granddaughter, the daughter for sure, so my puny ears for a life well lived stood a lot of noodles.

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