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Cherkasy - Flying UFO - 26.01.2018

UFOBUA - archive UFO Ukraine 01.02.2018 at 12:00

UFOBUA - national ufologicheskiy archive

Observed 3 sites are located on the diagonal at an equal distance from each other, then the two of them moved slowly away from a third and disappeared over the roof of the house. In the field of view was one object which hovered for a while, and then very slowly began to move. Was like just a bright star, while the night sky was cloudy and the other stars that shone were dull, this object is clearly distinguished in their background. Then curiosity took upwards, and I began to observe it through binoculars. What I could see through it, is the fact that the object was flat and it glittered red and green bright lights.

will Notice that I am very skeptical about such things and immediately tried to find him some sensible explanation, maybe it's a weather umbrella, satellite, etc. And because of their knowledge, I could not find this phenomenon explanation, despite the fact that your eyes saw 3 objects, two of which flew away, leaving the third.

The more I see that it is not clear in the sky is not the first time, and that is at one and the same place. Sorry, no photos, no video I have.

Source: Anonymous letter in UFOBUA from January 26, 2018, 12:24:18 (Fri, 26 Jan 2018 13:24:18 +0300 (MSK))

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