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RoboPHP in Kemerovo, report Blog 30.01.2018 at 10:36

News and ideas of the web-design

27 January, I visited Kemerovo. Told about safety first mitape RoboPHP. In General everything went fine. Absolutely without lining got there and back. The organizers have put in Tom, moved the speakers in the right places (which is very handy, because winter in Kemerovo extremely cold), and fed a delicious dinner.

the Report by Denis Kolesnikov about Avito Elm was a good overview of what awaits you when you use functional programming. As the OP, in practice, rarely used, very good that Dennis did not go into details. Questions were not very many, but I think the horizons of listeners expanded.

Denis Yuriev from Robominers told about refactoring. Came quite crumpled, but, in principle, is also useful. At least debate the report engendered.

My paper about safety was well received. A subject close to many. There were many questions about the safety and about Yii and work in Skyeng.

In technical terms there were small problems (dead clicker, it was necessary to duplicate), but it is almost prevented. The place is great, the timing are met, a pleasant snack and dinner arranged. The organizers are great lads. I wish them to collect even one meetup with the best representatives of IT.

the Listeners a huge thank you for coming, asked questions and shared their experiences.

the Slides, as usual, in the public domain. Scroll, please ask in the comments.

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