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Time published a letter "expert on Russia" Carter Paige

Radio Liberty 04.02.2018 at 07:23

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The American magazine Time published on 3 February letter to Carter page, who in 2016, was the adviser of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump. In recent days, the name of the page appears in media reports in connection with the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller. In a letter dated August 25, 2013, Paige tries to convince the publisher of his book that he was perfectly informed about the events in Russia. “Over the last six months I was lucky enough to be the unofficial adviser of a team of Kremlin analysts, preparing help your President to G-20 summit in St. Petersburg, where a prominent place is given to energy issues“. Carter page is the Central figure in a notorious Memorandum issued recently by the Republicans in Congress. As the authors note, FBI, asking in 2016 court authorization for surveillance of a page, did not disclose the fact that the request of the Department is based on data produced former English spy working for the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton. The Englishman Christopher Steele claims that Paige during a visit to Moscow in July of 2016 met with a major Russian officer and another person from the inner circle of Putin and engaged them in conversations about how to help the election campaign trump to the detriment of the Clinton campaign. Paige denies that handled these conversations, and Steele does not mention the names of their sources. Democratic congressmen and high-ranking officials in the FBI and the attorney General's office, claiming that the Republican Memorandum paints a distorted picture of events, as the request for authorization for surveillance of a page based on many different clues, not only on the information provided to Steele.