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Ideas for a winter photo shoot

Wedding and family photographer 08.02.2018 at 15:34

Michael noses

Winter photo session on the street – it's the perfect excuse to spend time in the fresh air and capture all the beauty of this time in the form of a wonderful staff.

Snow-covered nature opens up endless possibilities to implement a variety of images. And this diversity is not to get confused and not get lost, we offer You some spectacular ideas.

"Winter's tale"

think like a fairy-tale hero – the Snow Queen, little red riding hood, Snow white, the nymph.

is Not necessary to create a realistic costume is enough to bring a few characteristic features (Apple, Cape, tiara, basket). Look great as a contrasting color (red, black) and light.

the sample photos from the Internet:

the"Funny walk"

you do Not want experiments? Then just walk! Alone or in good company. Snow play, riding a roller coaster, sled, skis – your choice! It can be vibrant, dynamic, fun frames, and the quiet admiration of nature. Most importantly, spend time, photo shoot with your favorite pastime.

the sample photos from the Internet:

when Choosing a wardrobe, consider the details. Decorate the frame with warm boots, knitted mittens and hats, long scarves, clothing with the "winter" print.

Love story

Winter Love story photoshoot is not just shooting, but a real date. A guy and a girl can cover one with a blanket or a scarf, play in the snow, playing catch, holding hands. Lovers looks great on bright clothes in the same style, funny hats, soft headphones. It is important to forget that you remove the camera lens, and just enjoy each other.

the Tea party

One of the most popular and warming winter photo shoot ideas – tea party. It is not only beautiful shots, but a pleasant pastime! To create a cozy atmosphere, bring a blanket and a big bright mug with a hot drink. This photo shoot is suitable for individual photo shoots, and family, as well as the photo shoot lovers.

the sample photos from the Internet:

"Russian winter"

For those who want to get a particularly atmospheric shots of the perfect winter photo shoot on the street in the style of "Russian winter". And not need to waste time looking for a headdress – to create an image that will fit large embroidered shawls, scarves, clothes made of fur. Use props like a samovar, bagels garland, deposits of ash.

the sample photos from the Internet:

Baby photo shoot

children are the most sincere and direct models! So often for good shots is enough only a couple of details and a positive attitude. The main thing – wrap up Your baby warmly. This will not only make a winter photo shoot comfortable, but also add a special charm to the frames. Let your child just have fun from happening – to play in the snow, explore the quaint beauty of the forest, bobbing falling from the sky snowflakes. And then the frames will delight Your whole family with its warmth and genuine atmosphere of happiness.

Ideas for children's photo session from the Internet:

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