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Roman ships in the subway of Naples, preserved in the fresh water photo

Naples Slavonic 22.02.2018 at 07:34

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Two vessels of Ancient Rome length of 11 meters thousands of years were stored in aquifers underground, while these rare artifacts are accidentally discovered during construction works in 2004 in the metro area Piscinola.

the Only way to keep the ancient court has become immersing them in fresh water: the only way to prevent the decomposition of wood in anticipation of restoration. One meter of fresh water entirely covers the findings, which are stored in two large tanks inside the shed specially built in storage metro Piscinola.


Every two weeks in the pools changing the water. Inside the hangar is kept at a constant temperature of 8 degrees. Thousands of archaeological finds in the boxes kept on the shelves of the hangars Piscinola. (Writing All of them waiting for his time to appear in Museum exhibitions. Perhaps he'll wait for his audience and these unique vessels, yet because of their size is problematic. Naples in Slavonic