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In Ukraine began to travel to be treated by foreigners

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 22.02.2018 at 22:29

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Particularly popular services in the field of plastic surgery.

the Number of foreign nationals who came to Ukraine for treatment in private clinics, in 2017, increased by 25% compared with the year 2016 – up to 62 thousand.

reported in the Ukrainian medical tourism Association, says.

As noted, more than half of the foreign patients (57%) turn to private Ukrainian clinics that provide services in the field of plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, reproduction, a quarter go to the sanatorium, including specializing in rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy, 18% of inbound medical tourists goes use the services of dentists and ophthalmologists.

Foreign patients from Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, France, UK, UAE, Central Asian countries, China is currently taking about 100 Ukrainian clinics.

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