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Doctors told why ultrasound is dangerous for pregnant women

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 22.02.2018 at 22:29

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Rumors about the dangers of ultrasound were for a long time, but now doctors have confirmed them.

Experts have found a link between ultrasound among pregnant women and occurrence of incurable disease in the fetus. Ultrasound is able to trigger the development of autism in the unborn child.

According to the results of a recent study on the impact of ultrasound during pregnancy, ultrasound can cause the child's autism, reports with reference to veroyatno.

the Risk of this incurable pathology increases with increasing depth of exposure to ultrasound on the fetus in the womb.

the Researchers analyzed data on the number of ultrasound in the 420 children. As it turned out, children with autism less likely to have undergone ultrasound, but the depth of penetration of ultrasound was greater than that which was used for children with normal development.

Scientists are not in a hurry to make definitive conclusions about the dangers of ultrasound. For a precise definition of the harm or harmlessness of ultrasound need a more extensive and deep research.

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