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Toffee homemade

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 22.02.2018 at 22:31

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Toffee homemade get almost the same taste as store-bought.

Even stick to your teeth the same way! The proportion of products can be increased several times, but the sample is enough for this.


4 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons sour cream or cream 0.5 spoons of vegetable oil or small piece of creamy vanilla, if desired,

Cooking Fudge

Mix sugar, sour cream or cream, vanilla and butter. Cook on very low heat to obtain a brown color. This may take 15-25 minutes.

First, boil the mass is liquid and particularly close attention is not required. But as boiling, it will thicken. Here will have to monitor the cooking process, constantly stirring.

When the contents of the pan darkens and thickens on the spoon after cooling will remain a thick viscous mass, the heating should be switched off.

the prepared mixture you can add chopped nuts. Then, still hot, iris necessary to lay out on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil. Allow to solidify. Chop the toffee into small pieces. You can give them any shape. By the way, this mass can be used for decorating the cake, fashioning small figures.

Every candy need to wrap in paper and store in the fridge. If this is not done, the toffee will stick.

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