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Chocolate pudding

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If you follow my recipe, and chocolate pudding will turn out barely sweet. This delicacy, but for lovers of dark chocolate. A sweet tooth will have to increase the rate of sugar.

besides, it is absolutely not greasy. There's no butter and egg yolks.

despite this, the dessert turns out to be very high in calories. One serving of 250 ml replaced the entire dinner. It's cocoa and pudding in one dish, spiced.


1 litre of milk 40 g of cocoa powder 2 tbsp. sugar 3 tbsp. potato starch 50g of dark chocolate a packet of vanilla a pinch of cinnamon a handful of pine nuts (can be any other)

cook the pudding

In a small Cup to pour the starch and pour him a glass of milk. Set aside.

To another pot through a sieve to sift cocoa powder to avoid lumps and pour a small amount of milk. Gently knead until a thick porridge, rubbed all the lumps.

it is Possible to resort to the help of the mixer. Add the milk and make the porridge a little thinner.

In a saucepan pour the remaining milk and put on the burner plate. Put in it sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. When the milk becomes hot enough, pour the pulp of cocoa and stir.

the Starch in the milk, stir and trickle pour in hot milk on the stove, at the same time stirring it with a spoon. Pudding will thicken immediately.

once it begins to boil, reduce heat to minimum and boil more until thick, stirring constantly. It will take two minutes, three.

Lay the bulk of the bowls, sprinkle with grated chocolate and sprinkle with nuts. Cool. Chocolate pudding can be put into the refrigerator, where it will thicken even more. Edible he in any condition.

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