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Chocolate cheesecake house

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 22.02.2018 at 22:32

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This chocolate cheesecake house can be used for any taste, size and caloric content.

and the cooking time can be reduced to a minimum if instead of cheese to buy ready-made cottage cheese, and instead of the chocolate glaze to use chocolate.


300 g of cottage cheese 1 can condensed milk 2-3 tbsp cocoa 400 g biscuit type chess 50 g butter

For the chocolate glaze:

5 tablespoons milk 6 tablespoons sugar 5 tablespoons cocoa powder 1 h spoon flour 50 g butter

cook house

Cookies grind in a meat grinder. Universal knife in the bowl of a food processor, beat condensed milk, cocoa, butter and cheese. Get the liquid curd.

Gradually adding crushed cookies in this mixture to bring it to the desired consistency. From it, it should be easy to shape house.

this mass can add nuts, dried fruit, chocolate pieces, candied fruit. If you count the calories, the oil can be avoided or conversely, to increase the amount.

Knead everything well in a food processor and put in a plastic bag, giving the shape of the house. Remove to freeze in the freezer.

the Ratio of cheese and biscuits can be changed. If you want to get a lot with a high content of cheese, reduce the amount of condensed milk, then the cookies will need less.

When the house is well hardens, cook chocolate icing. To do this, put in a pan of sifted cocoa powder, sugar, butter and milk. Bring to a boil, add the flour and boil for a few seconds.

Good grind, if formed lumps. Allow to cool to lukewarm. To put the icing on the house and again put into the freezer to harden.

If, instead of the chocolate glaze to use chocolate, it should melt in a water bath with a small amount of butter, water or milk.

Chop the dessert on plastics and serve with tea or coffee.

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