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The doctors have forbidden parents to practice co-sleeping with children

Women's portal Buduar.Info 24.02.2018 at 11:02

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As doctors say, it can easily cause injury.Pediatricians have long been debating whether the parents sleep in the same bed with young children. As reported Zee News, this practice is associated with children's deaths from suffocation (age to years). The lion's share of the deaths happened when the child was in bed. The mattress should be moderately hard, and the bed is better not to place close to the wall. The perfect during sleep is the supine position. Read also: Doctors forbade the people to sleep on guotao obvious reasons, in the parent's bed for your child, it is difficult to protect from high-risk of strangulation. Doctors insist that the baby can sleep with parents in one room, but in a separate crib, the playpen. This practice is particularly dangerous for children under 4 months, born prematurely, underweight, if during or after pregnancy, the child is confronted with tobacco smoke.

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