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The truth, stupidity, and wheretofore banknotes

A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose 18.02.2018 at 10:44

Literary site-the magazine of modern prose without pathos, nonsense and lies.

Although I do not serve in the FSB, but sometimes pochityvayu our truth and prudovodam, especially with dual citizenship. It is interesting to observe the evolution of this "species" grammastola whistleblowers. One of his brilliant representative for several years, as quietly disappeared from the Sunday broadcast of "Radio of Russia". At first I was even worried: "Surely swatted like pesky mosquitoes, the carrier of the germs of sedition?!". But no, alive and kicking!.. And again "lights" on the Federal channels in different TV shows. Recently, however, was missing — now found out why... Apparently scribbled in the genre of modern Russian literature, his next opus "Wheretofore", which recently came to light for audiences 16+.

Read more... the Truth, stupidity, and wheretofore banknotes

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