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Overview of projects in the intensive "Professional HTML and CSS level 1"


the Main emphasis in training on the intensive "Professional HTML and CSS level 1" in practice. Before each student is challenged to transform the selected PSD layout by the end of the intensive in efficiently with a layout of the project. There are six layouts, one of which is educational "Barbershop", for example, the teacher examines in detail the subject.

the Project "Barbershop"

Work on a personal project happens in stages, the project is being finalized upon receipt of the review from the coach to the end, he meets all the criteria. To assess the quality of the work in this course, we developed more than forty criteria. For example, the layout appears identically in the latest versions of browsers and is tested for overflow content. When the time comes, the coach allows for your project to protect from accidental mentor. It is made to final protection was impartial.

the Project "Glasi"

Students may wish to take several projects. Usually the work on the project will take a minimum of 20 hours per week, but if you take the project more difficult time it will take more. We recommend that beginners choose the easier projects "Nerds" or "Sedona". Those who already have experience of layout simple projects to look towards "Glace" or "Device".

Related projects of the intensive from simple to complex: "Nerds", "Sedona", "Technomart", "Gleise" and "Device."

Nerds — Sedona — Tekhnomart — Glace — Device

Start a new thread intensive online course first level "Professional HTML and CSS", on 26 February. Sign up and choose the layout. The number of places is limited.

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